Sunday, April 4, 2010


Use of the toothpaste clamp would be beneficial to all people. I was recently watching my grandfather struggle to push that extra toothpaste out of the tube and to think that if he had had a clamp, it would have been much easier for him. The clamp could have let him have the toothpaste there because it would have been being more resourceful about it the entire time.

Something like the clamp would do so well in todays world especially with all of the technological advances and everything that we have. Something like the clamp would be easy to purchase, could be done online. And, it would be easy to advertise, something which can also be done online, through the various methods I have previously described.

This innovative product would help so many and would be the perfect thing to sell in something like a dentist office or a convenience store, so versatile. I don't think that the clamp would be ready for RFID tags or anything just yet but once many want it, it certainly wouldn't hurt as a tracking device when they're in the stores. Everyone should buy the clamp!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

databases and the clamp

Recently in class we have been learning about databases and all of their benefits. They are so much better than hand physical files because clearly trying to record all of the sales of the clamp by hand would take a very long time. Even using a word or notepad document would be pretty insufficient because the whole point of this type of system is for organization.
A word of notepad file would not do the job either because they do not allow you to organize the information that you are working with. Unless you create a table within the word document but that does not have the capabilities for organization that the database would. Another option to organize information wold be the use of excel.
Excel lets you create files of information with many columns for storage but it does not let you do the same things that a database would. A database allows you to work with only one set of information at a time. If I wanted to see who was purchasing the clamp, I cold search them on the database and pull up their specific information. The clamp would benefit greatly from the use of a database.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


I know I've blogged about this idea before but it would be so helpful for something like the clamp. The use of blogs, social media sites and other interactive types of sites are very appealing. Advertising is a big part of blog sites and can be a very attractive idea for someone trying to promote a product, the post an add on a blog. When the blog gets a hit, the advertisement would be seen.
The other nice thing about these interactive types of websites is that when one does post something, others can post back. Now that something like tweeting is a verb, the idea of blogging about an idea is very popular and very well known. It is also easier to promote something through an online blog where people can reply or add their thoughts as they're sitting at their computer screens.
The clamp will succeed through proper advertising hitting all of the right audiences through different sites. I would also use sites that I know would want to use a product like mine, maybe promote it on a dentist blog or a convenience store website. The clamp will have fan pages that have been discussed and I do believe it will do well.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

clamp clamp clamp

I feel silly that I have not blogged about this idea before. Social media sites are so popular at the moment and they are a great way to advertise. I know that in the college world, "friend" has become a verb, many know what you mean when you say you poked someone as well.
Many people advertise through facebook these days too and I think idea is genius. All day long students sit on facebook and there are always adds up and down the side of the page that get peoples attention as they are networking. I think if the toothpaste clamp had an add on facebook then it would attract the college population and other users who frequent the facebook adds.
There are also ways to advertise by creating fan pages on facebook. I would create a fan page for the toothpaste clamp so it could gain followers and fans that way. Users of the product could paste their stories about how it works and their thoughts, opinions, concerns, ect on the product.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

More on the clamp

The past few lectures in class have focused on types of tagging and tracking tools and most recently we discussed the used of RFID tags. RFID tags can be placed on items as a sort of tracking device used in everything from hotel towels and bathrobes to ticket stubs. Instead of scanning, or manually swiping a card, the RFID tag allows one to know that they are there because of the technology.
I think that RFID tags would be helpful in tracking the sales of a product. To tag the product and be able to see how many are actually moving out of the stores. Also, to be able to monitor which cities and towns have more of them and then promote them more heavily there.
We have also been experimenting with programs like audacity and I would like to use this type of audio program to create and wav file for my product. A catchy tune and beat that people would remember and that would make them want to purchase the toothpaste clamp. Both would be very helpful for the toothpaste clamp.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Clamp Continued

While many of the things we have been discussing in class do not seem like they could directly relate to my innovation, I think I could apply many of the ideas. The most recent chapter we've studied deals with the components of the systems unit. It is important to understand the inner workings of a computer in order to be able to use it many times.

I would set up computers for my product. While keeping up with the green ideas that I have discussed in other blogs, I would create a virtual computer to conserve more energy. Using virtualization would let me have many different computers, one for marketing, advertising, finance, ect all connect to a central computer or network.

By using this idea of virtualization, when my product finally advances, I will be able to have many people working on it and getting things done from different locations. They can also update each other as to what is going on in their field, how the sales are doing, how the finances are coming along, ect. Knowing how to set this type of system up would be incredibly helpful for the success of my company.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Next Step..

This weeks class discussions talked a lot about many specifics involving the use of the internet. Many of these seemed like very valid things to keep in mind when thinking about portraying a new product like the toothpaste clamp. I would plan on creating a webpage for the toothpaste clamp that would involve updates on new products, pictures of the product and possibly even a way for people to purchase the product online.

Using many of the color modes and techniques that we have been learning about, I would play with the color formulas to make sure that they were appealing to the costumers eye. Focusing on the hexadecimal color scale and making sure that the colors were perfect for the product and the consumer eye. I would also focus on the other key terms that we've learned about this week and how they would play a role in the presentation of my product. I would make sure the pixelation was clear, and that the hue, saturation and brightness were all visually appealing as well.

The organization of the toothpaste clamp would also be a huge part of its production and the success of its production. The idea of an excel spreadsheet all of the multiple functions that the excel program has, it seems as though it would be very helpful in organizing all of the information regarding the toothpaste clamp. I would think that having an excel spreadsheet to deal with things like inventory, pricing and production would be incredibly helpful, accurate and easy to use and keep track of.